Put Fall Leaves to Work in Your Garden

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By , September 22, 2014 1:34 pm

The first day of autumn is upon us and the sights and sounds of fall are all around us. As the temperature is starting to inch it’s way down, the trees are getting ready to start their annual leaf drop. We know raking the leaves isn’t always one of your favorite outdoor activities, but taking the time to put your leaves to good use now can give a healthy boost to your garden and even potentially save you money on your lawn care in the spring!


Welcome August New Agents

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By , September 8, 2014 8:00 am

New Agents - August 2014

Tony Apuzzo, College Blvd.
Amber Biesemeyer, Warrensburg
Rick Binkley, Town Center
Deb Brown, South
Nick Chapman, Liberty
Emily Debes, West
Jan Dickinson, Overland Park
Maddy Goehler, Town Center
Katie Hart, South
Katie Horner, West
Haley Jones, Liberty
Rod Kopischke, Leawood
Carla LeLaCheur, Mission
Tarra Maes, South
Patrick Martin, West
Nick McKinnis, Lee’s Summit
Teresa Pulido, Kansas City North
Jen Runyan, Olathe
Lindee Shay, Miami County
Steve Smith, Kansas City North
Kristie Thayne, Belton/Raymore
Jennifer Weaver, Overland Park
Susan Williams, Southgate
Joyce Worth, Blue Springs
Shannan Berkbuegler, Southgate
Diane Binkley, College Blvd.
Jay Bower, Blue Springs
Howard Carter, Olathe
Lori Crismon, Shewmaker
Nola Devitt, Country Club Plaza
Jillian Gallardo, Blue Springs
Molly Hallett, West
Jeff Herman, College Blvd.
Carolyn Horstmeier, Mid-MO Fulton
Denise Kappelmann, South
Emmy Lehman, Town Center
Chuck Levey, College Blvd.
Sarah Malcom, Belton/Raymore
Robert McCain, Country Club Plaza
Mikel Myers, Olathe
Alan Roberts, College Blvd.
Danielle Sapienza, Leawood
Jana Sheafer, Olathe
Luis Suarez, Country Club Plaza
Paul Waid, College Blvd.
Atalie Williams, Williams & Assoc.
Kelly Winzer, Lee’s Summit

To-Dos: Your September Home Checklist

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By , September 4, 2014 8:00 am

July Home Sales Update

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By , September 2, 2014 11:56 am

We love seeing positive trends in our real estate market! Both the average number of homes sold and the average home price continue to rise in the midwest – great news for Kansas City.

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Do you have questions about home sales in your neighborhood or whether now is the right time for you to get into the real estate market? Contact a ReeceNichols agent today and begin your journey!


July’s Best

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By , August 15, 2014 8:00 am

ReeceNichols - Remarkable Agents - July 2014

July’s Top Agents all demonstrate excellence, expertise and enthusiasm. They know your home is more than just four walls and a roof, it is your haven, and they are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Thank you to July’s Top Agents!


Where’s the Neighborhood? My Kansas City Part 2

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By , August 14, 2014 12:07 pm

Westport - Kansas City, MOA few weeks ago we discussed the Brookside neighborhood in Kansas City. Just as a reminder, since I got married 31 years ago, my wife and I lived in two different houses in south Leawood. It was a great place to raise kids, with fantastic schools, access to baseball and soccer fields, and a great quality of life. I highly recommend it.

That being said, as our kids grew up and moved out of the nest, we decided that maybe we didn’t want to be out south anymore. We knew if we could find the right house, we would move. So indeed, we found a great old home in historic Leawood, one of the first four houses in the City and as far north as you can get. My daughter reminds me while we aren’t in the “city,” it sure feels a lot closer.

As my wife and I continue to re-explore parts of Kansas City, I had another opportunity to celebrate a birthday. We had heard about a Champagne bar that had opened this year in Westport, called Ça Va. So my wife, daughter, and niece headed there to check their beverages out. It was an appropriate time to celebrate with a bottle of champagne! The building has a great historic vibe to it, with an old tin ceiling and woodwork. Sorry, architects and builders, but I have yet to see someone recreate the details that come with an old building.

Next we went to Harry’s to revisit a place we hadn’t been in a long time. Tons of character and characters! We had a great table with a view onto the busy streets on an early Saturday night in Westport. It was great fun.

Finally, for dinner, we went to Port Fonda. This restaurant started out as a food truck, and they were so successful, they were able to open a full-service restaurant. I had amazing food, in a great atmosphere, with (of course) excellent company.

One of my friends on Facebook said “I’m sure this is a different Westport experience than Dan had 30 years ago,” and no doubt she was right! Don’t get me wrong – I love Johnson County. My commercial real estate business has been mostly in JoCo over the years, but as a CRE broker, it’s so exciting for me to see the changes going on in Kansas City.

I think the best is yet to come.

Reece Commercial Dan Sight
Dan Sight

Vice President/Broker
Reece Commercial
More from Reece Commercial

Welcome July New Agents

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By , August 11, 2014 8:00 am

New Agents - July 2014

Liz Bargfrede, KC North
Jay Bollinger, Liberty
Sharla Byrnes, Olathe
Michelle Cook, KC North
Patricia Downing, Parkville
Kristiena Garlich, Lee’s Summit
Kevin Hao, Southgate
Betty Hurt, College Blvd
Jeremi Kelz, Blue Springs
Brad Martens, Overland Park
Wally Melte, Leawood
Thad Noland, Lee’s Summit
Katherine Reed,Olathe
Dianna Richards, East
Larry Romanelli, KC North
Jenna Schipull, Overland Park
Jill Shelman, South
Tamra Trickey, Leawood
Joe Ziobrowski, South
Ken Blackwell, KC North
Tim Byers, Overland Park
Delisa Calderone, KC North
Jeff Cooper, Southgate
Norman Evans, Leawood
Nichole Groat, South
Clarie Holland, West
Brian Hurt, College Blvd
Chad Lower, South
Stacy McCullough, Town Center
Tammy Moss, South
Kent Otte, College Blvd
Connor Reeves, East
Diane Roberts, South
Craig Roth, Leawood
Sharon Schumacher, Plaza
Deb Sturgess, Lee’s Summit
Emily Young, Leawood

To-Dos: Your August Home Checklist

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By , August 4, 2014 10:33 am

Welcome June New Agents

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By , July 14, 2014 8:00 am

New Agents - May 2014

Melissa Adams, Leawood
Ryan Anderson, Ide Capital Realty
Alison Chaplick, College Blvd
Anna Cooper, Excelsior Springs
Kelly Eakin, Southgate
Harry Flynn, Centralia
Tom Green, Leawood
Danny Howell, Belton/Raymore
Terran List, Kansas City North
Tracy McCullough, Leawood
Carrie Newton, JoCo Southwest
Carol Riley, Leawood
Kim Sharkey, Lee’s Summit
Laura Timmons, College Blvd
Kristin Vietti, Country Club Plaza
Kristy Wendt, Kansas City North
Donna YaDullah, College Blvd
Carrie Alexander, Kansas City North
Doris Brown, Southgate
Hannah Cliche, Overland Park
Dianne Delich, Leawood
Lisa Ermgodts, Southgate
Suzanne Golomski, Leawood
Tammy Howell,, Belton/Raymore
Penny Jackson, Lee’s Summit
Claudia Mayberry, Preferred Realty
Ardis McFarlane, Kansas City North
Cheryl Pardue, Mid Missouri Fulton
Jasmine Sanchez, JoCo Southwest
Vicki Shawger, West
Rosemarie Varner, Gaslight Real Estate
Ida Wallace, Belton/Raymore
Ruth Wroten, East

To-Dos: Your July Home Checklist

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By , July 2, 2014 8:54 am